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Helmuth von Moltke

Helmuth Karl Bernhard von Moltke was born on 26 October 1800 in Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. He was the son of the later Danish Lieutenant General Friedrich Philipp...


History of the Iron Cross

After Napoleon’s disastrous Russian campaign, a general uprising took place in Prussia and other German lands against his invasion. Prussians, having been under Napoleon’s rule for...


Carl von Clausewitz

  His Early Years Carl von Clausewitz was born on 1 June 1780 in Burg, near Madgeburg. His father came from a pastor family and he...


German Dualism

  After the Thirty Years’ War (1618 – 1648), Brandenburg-Prussia was recovering from the war’s horrors with great pace thanks to the Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm’s...


Kaiser Frederick III

  Despite having the shortest reign among the German Emperors, Frederick has been a historical figure who draws interest even today, mainly because he is visibly...